Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crazy Christmas Chaos!!!

Well....after reading my dear friend Mary Beth's blog faithfully for over a year, I have decided to branch out and start my own blog. Although, I can't promise my blog will be as eventful as Mary Beth's!

This time of the year, like most Americans, we are preparing for an exciting Christmas. I have almost all of my shopping done, wrapped and under the tree. My seven year old daughter, Kendall, is anxiously anticipating all the wonders of Christmas. She had her church choir Christmas musical this past Sunday night. She thinks she is the Hannah Montana of FBC Hewitt!! Of course I think so too.

Kendall is also just beginning her second season of basketball. She is the smallest girl on the team, but that doesn't stop her!! Watching her play (and succeed) at basketball is the best feeling ever. I on the other hand, am not so athletic, and have had to apologize to my parents for not allowing them to feel the sense of pride a parent feels when their child scores all those points at a basketball game. I have completely evolved into one of those boastful mom's...


  1. Well, that's certainly a fine looking family! You finally arrived in the blogosphere!

  2. I am so pumped!!! I have actually been a really crappy blogger over the last month, but I will make my comeback soon! I will check in every day for a new post!


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