Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter Blues

Our family has not really been doing much lately that is blog-worthy, but it has been a while since my last, here I am! I was really hoping for a snow day this week, but that didn't work out.

So far in 2008 we have managed to pass the stomach bug around our house, but hopefully now that everyone is over that it will stay far away from us. Kendall is also well into basketball season. This season has been a little more eventful. Last year there were basically no rules, but this year they call traveling, double dribble, lane violations and stealing is allowed. We are on a good team and have won 2 of our three games so far. The last game we won was 28-16!! Go Ladybugs!!

In other Kendall news...she has gone from playing school all the time to playing music class. With the help of her GiGi (my mom) she was given an instrument set for Christmas!!! We now here the cymbals, the triangle, the morocco's, along with random shouting from her room. I guess she is "coaching" her invisible students. Below is a picture from her music class.

At least she is organized. Thanks GiGi!! Kendall will be sure to bring them to YOUR house next time she visits!!!


  1. This could be your big ticket.... every band needs a good morocco player.... i will be sure and give Blake her number:)


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