Monday, February 11, 2008

If Kendall Had A Blog, It Would Probably Go Something Like This...

Well, today is Monday and I'm so glad to be back at school! Although this weekend was pretty busy! Mom keeps me very active.

On Sunday we went to church. My children's choir sang during the service. Don't I look cute! Someone should really tell my mom not everything I wear has to be pink.

After church we came home and I tried so hard to find something to entertain me. I tried to teach Mark how to play darts, but I got tired of letting him win all the time.
Next, I thought I would get some exercise. I'm a pretty good jump roper!

I also took some time out of my busy day to give the American Girls new hair do's. Here I am doing Emily's hair while Samantha and Molly patiently wait in line.

I really want a sister. If I had a sister #1: I would have someone to play with on these boring days and #2 my mom would have somoene else to follow around and take pictures of constantly.

This next week is a busy week for us. Tuesday I have a musical program at school, Wednesday I have M&M's at church (Music & Missions) and Thursday is the big Valentine's party at school!

Well, time to go make another PB&J. See ya later alligator!


  1. too cute! I don't really want to know what goes through my children's minds.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. She forgot the most important think.... Gigi is coming.

    If she lived near her Gigi there would never be a boring day.


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