Friday, April 18, 2008

Field Trip

Today I went with Kendall's class to Homestead Heritage for a field trip. The kids got to go on a horse drawn hayride, pet farm animals and see demonstrations of pottery making, blacksmith and woodworking. The place is beautiful and the people were so nice and knowledgeable.

All aboard! Watch out, these horses go zero to two in ten minutes!

Kendall has been begging for a hampster for months. After holding a goat she said, "Forget about the hampster, I want a goat!" I don't think our homeowners associations will go for that!

Crazy girls! Conjointal twins Kendall and Alexis!

Alexis & Kendall in front of the ice cream shop. See, I told you, they really are joined at the hip!

Two Kids!

Kendall with a baby lamb. She didn't find the lamb NEARLY as interesting as that goat!

Believe it or not she held a goat and a lamb, but was frightened of the baby chicks! The above reaction is NOT an "oh, how cute," she was really afraid!

Honestly, someone else had to hold the chick! She would barely pet it!
Overall, the day was great! Kendall's class had fun and the weather was perfect! I recommend next time you pass through Waco, definently stop by Homestead Heritage for some homemade ice cream! Yum-o!

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