Saturday, July 26, 2008

Girls Day Out

It must have been a Girl's Day Out kind of a day... I saw on Mary Beth's Blog that she had a Mommy & Me day too. Kendall and I went to the Mayborn Museum today. We had a blast, and it was educational too!

Kendall posing outside one of the cabins.

Resting and relaxing on the front porch.

I'm not quite sure what she is doing here, because we didn't have a tour guide; but I would guess she is sawing an invisible log? Or washing clothes, or making a horse shoe, maybe churning butter?

Kendall loved the green screen, where she pretended to be a weather woman. You can see the map on the TV next to her.

Operator, please connect me....

We had a great time, and most of it was inside so we could ecsape the 100+ degree weather, but the best part is we were together and making memories!

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