Monday, January 18, 2016

The Friends Reunion...Could we BE any more excited???

Where were you the evening of May 6, 2004?  I was glued to my television saying good bye to my Friends.  I spent many Thursday nights with Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey and their finale was the perfect ending.  But, it wasn't the end. WE WERE ON A BREAK (Friends quote)!  Beloved Friends fans got some long awaited news this week; Friends is coming back.The Friends reunion is set for February 21st.  Could we BE any more excited (in our best Chandler Bing voice)?

I thought it would be fun to do some predictions on what our Friends have been up to the past twelve years.  Here's how I think it's going to unfold:

Ross and Rachel

They have to make it this time!  They have to, he's her lobster (True fans, get that reference)!  Their breakup was the worst TV breakup ever.  Ok, second worse, Zack and Kelly on Saved By The Bell, was THE worst.  Am I right?  We last saw Rachel after she ditched her dream job in Paris to be with Ross.  I have a sneaky feeling, after the curtains closed; Rachel changed her mind.  Not about Ross, but about the job.  I think before calling to turn down the job, Ross and Rachel decided to relocate to Paris.  Rachel has her dream job and Ross now teaches science courses at the Universite de Paris.  Emma is bi-lingual and keeps up with her American family via Facetime and Social Media.  Ross and Rachel are finally happy.  They have come back to New York City for the reunion to tell "the gang" that they have decided to relocate back to NYC in time for Emma to attend college in the city.  They will buy a house near Monica and Chandler and all will be right in the world.

Monica and Chandler

Unfortunately, it has been reported that Chandler will not be present at the reunion.  But, we shouldn't be shocked.  He has a busy job as a Transpondster (one of my favorite lines ever), so he is busy traveling for work.  Monica is an over-the-top mom.  She decided to become a full time mom after the birth of the twins, but has a successful wedding catering business on the weekends.  The twins, now twelve, stay busy raising Chick and Duck and playing Foos Ball.

Phoebe and Mike

After falling in love with the Bing twins, Phoebe and Mike immediately started a family and currently have seven children.  They wanted to start a family business, so they bought Central Perk and have managed to make it even more successful.  Each of the kids has one night to perform live.  Phoebe takes over the microphone occasionally for the familiar version of Smelly Cat.


Joey discovered about ten years ago that he has a son named Lucas.  Lucas is sixteen years old...ironically the same age as sweet Emma.  Joey's life changed when Lucas came into it and he became a devoted father.  Lucas and Joey spend quality time learning life lessons.  When Lucas meets Emma for the first time, he steals his father's famous pick up line, "How you doing?"  

Of course, the Friends will catch up over coffee at Central Perk.  I have a feeling there may be a few cameos, including Janice and Gunther.  Just please, no Marcel, the monkey episodes were always my least favorite.  I wouldn't be sad though, if someone needed to move a couch on this reunion.  #pivot

These are my predictions.  I guess we'll see what our Friends were really up to on February 21st.  Do you have any predictions of your own?

One more thing before I go.  Thank you again to Hanky Planky for the $25 gift certificate!  The winner was chosen at random and is....

Congratulations, Michael S.  I will get with Jenny and email you the code to be used in the Hanky Planky Etsy shop tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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  1. Love your predictions!! I cracked up about seven Phoebe's running around!!! Watch out world! Hahaha! Thanks for always cracking me up. You're a hoot!


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