Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February Meet & Greet! Meet My Friend, Jill from Pharr-Out Creations!

I am super excited about today’s Meet and Greet!  I met Jill about seven years ago when her sweet, little girl (who's now a beautiful, young lady) was in my preschool class, BUT we found out soon that our precious grandmother’s had been friends back in the day.  In fact, they moved from the tiny town of Weston, Texas to Big D together in the late 1940’s. #DallasOrBust

Are they on fleek or what…Ok, I learned that term from my teenager, and I just realized that I am not cool enough to use it.  But, aren’t they adorable in their little, outfits!

Jill is the owner of Pharr-Out Creations and has some absolutely beautiful products!  Jill and her husband Bo are also extremely involved in the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit, and are passionate about the work they are doing there.  I cannot wait to share with you what all they are doing to help veterans in Chris' memory.  Without further ado; meet my friend, Jill!

How did Pharr-Out Creations Begin?

Pharr-Out Creations began by accident.  I was making crafty items for teachers, friends, etc., then a few people asked me to make things for them and it slowly developed from there.  In the beginning, I did all kinds of decorative crafts and started getting more and more requests for my burlap wreaths so I didn't have time for anything else.  I'm ecstatic to have almost 1,500 followers on Facebook!

What kind of products do you make?

I offer wreaths of all kinds.  I also do vinyl signs on wood or any other material you need, and floral arrangements.

What are your best sellers?

The burlap wreaths are my most popular items.  The fall season is my busiest time for custom orders.  But to date, various versions of the yellow and gray wreaths with a yellow cross are my biggest sellers.

What is your favorite project you ever made?

My favorite project so far is a green spring wreath I made for a customer in Maryland!  I love when a customer lets me have creative freedom and gives me a general theme and colors and lets me run wild!

Tell me about your involvement in the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit?

My husband, Bo, and I are very involved in the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit (which was founded by Chris's parents and brother) and are currently serving on the advisory board. Each year the CKMB donates 100% of proceeds to a deserving organization that benefits Veterans.  This year the Benefit will be May 13-14th in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  The 2016 recipient is Spirit of a Hero.  For more information on the Benefit you can visit www.chriskylememorialbenefit.com.  Also, from now until May 12th, Pharr-Out Creations will donate $5.00 to the CKMB for every wreath sold.

What does Chris Kyle mean to your family?

Chris Kyle is much more than "American Sniper" to our family.  Chris and my husband Bo were best friends from 3rd grade, they attended college together and were roommates, and he was even on our first date!  He became like a brother to me and an "uncle" to our children.  His death has been extremely difficult for us, but through the tragedy, we have seen good come of it.  We just wish he were here to see his visions come to life through helping out Veterans in need.  Chris' motto was something we should all live out~ "It is our duty to serve those who serve us".

Where can we find your products?

 My products can be found on Facebook at Pharr-Out Creations.  If you don't see something there you like, send me a message and let me know what you are looking for.

Thank you so much, Jill, for your time!  Please, go check out Pharr-Out Creations on Facebook!

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Thanks, friends!  See you next time!


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  1. That's really awesome! I'm sure it was extremely tough on her family to learn of Chris' death after such a stellar military career. Thanks for letting all of us know about Jill!


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