Friday, February 5, 2016

Top Ten Crazy Emilyisms

Happy Friday, friends!  First, Simply A Rough Draft now has a Facebook page, so you can follow along with me there now, too.  I'm working on creating a cute, little, follow me button, but in the mean time I would love for you to click here and find me on Facebook!

I think most of you that "really" know me, know I'm a bit....ummm...quirky.  I'm a totally normal girl, well, except for these ten crazy facts:

1.  I could not even begin this post without addressing the issue I get the most flack on.  I have never seen Top Gun.  I know, I know, it's on TV every weekend, but at this point I pretty much know what happens.  Guess what?  I haven't seen Bambi either.  Moving on....

2.  I have a crush on Terry Bradshaw.  My husband knows.  It's common knowledge among my friends.  Here's how it started:  before I met my husband I had a dream that Terry wanted to date me.  I told him, there's no way, I'm 23 (this was a FEW years ago) and you're my parents age.  I woke up the next morning with a crush and I haven't been able to shake it.  I have seen him speak in person and he is motivational.  I watch his "little sports show" on Sundays and he is hilarious.  My sweet husband even spent a a few bucks on an autographed picture of him for me at a charity auction.  It's weird, I know.  I don't get it either.  

3.  I have the  most intense sense of smell ever.  I feel like I can smell something a mile away.  It drives my husband crazy!  In a weird twist, my daughter, Kendall, does not have a sense of smell at all.  On a side note, Ben from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, doesn't have a sense of smell either.  I'm hoping Kendall can get a college scholarship out of this, or something.

4.  I'm not that organized, but I am an obsessive planner.  I use to keep a clothes calendar where I recorded what I wore everyday so that I didn't repeat the same outfit in a month.  Obviously, this was when I worked, because as a stay at home mom I would get pretty tired of writing "long sleeved t-shirt and yoga pants" every day.  I'm still obsessed with calendars, though.  I don't enter anything into my phone, but instead put it on my handy, dandy calendar in my purse and on my fridge.  I am a detailed meal planner, and plan to post on the ins and outs of that soon!  This organization does not transfer over into other areas of my life though...if you're at my house, don't open a closet...or a drawer...or the garage.  But, boy can I plan a vacation...

5.  Nothing makes me happier than vacation planning.  I get that from my mom.  When we vacation, there is no rest for the weary.  I research and have every minute planned.  Restaurants booked.  Tickets bought.  There may or may not be a power point presentation before the vacation to highlight what we'll be doing.     

6.  I don't like Ranch Dressing.  Is Ranch Dressing a Texas thing?  Fun fact, I had never even had a salad until the weeekend of my 16th birthday and my cousin had his wedding rehearsal dinner at the Durning House.  They have the best strawberry poppy seed salad ever!  Twenty years later and that salad is still one of my favorites!  Oops, did I just reveal my age?  

7.  I have a weird Rain Man or something (and no, shockingly, I have not seen that movie).  If I have ever known your birthday; I remember it.  I still remember phone number from back in the day when we actually had to dial numbers. I can remember my first day of school (kindergarten) vividly, what activities we did, and what I wore (and no, I didn't have a clothes calendar yet). 

8.  I am obsessed with the movie Chicago.  I don't even know how many times I have seen the movie!  When my husband and I first started dating it had just come out on DVD, and I was already a huge fan.  He had not seen it yet, so decided to surprise me by cooking dinner and buying the movie for me, to watch that night.  I think he was surprised that the whole plot revolved around women killing the men they loved, all while singing and dancing.  I guess it didn't scare him off too much, he is still here.  Or is he afraid to leave????  I have also seen the Chicago production live a few times and it is AMAZING!! I would definitely see it again and again.  It is completely normal for me to bust out in Chicago song and dance at any given time around our house.  

9.  I am obsessed with famous people.  If I see someone remotely famous, I will become so star struck it is all I can do to speak to them, BUT I will speak to them.  I have met Magic Johnson, Ann Richards, Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Sarah Palin...not together, but that would have been interesting, and you can bet I asked for an autograph.  I had jury duty once and Barry Switzer was there.  Thank goodness I did not get called because I could not even focus.  Plus, he was winking at all the girls.  I showed the most restraint EVER when I saw Buddy Garrity (that's not his real name, but Friday Night Lights fans will know) at Buca di Beppo and did not say hi.  I so wanted to, but my husband wanted me to let him enjoy his meal.  Come on, it's Buddy Garrity, not Tom Hanks.  Atleast he could have let me shout out, "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts...." with the hopes of Buddy responding, "Can't Lose!"

10.  Last, but not least...every time I walk into a free standing store like Belk, Kohls, or Target, I have a feeling I am about to be the millionth customer and when I walk in streamers are going to go off and they are going to award me with a $100,000 shopping spree gift card.  So, I start walking faster.  Then, I think, wait, what if I'm 999,999 and I need to slow down and let the person next to me walk in first???  I know, I'm crazy, but one day it might happen. 

Now you all see me in a different light.  Well, except a few of you, some of you know even crazier things about me.  Those people need to keep that to themselves...

Have a great weekend! 



  1. Ha! Ha! These are great. Number 10 sounds exactly like something I would do!

  2. Oh Emily I loved it, all of the quirky little tidbits. I'm so glad to follow your blog!!

  3. My hubby and are big aviation fans so we LOVE top gun :-)
    I'm a big musical fan too though!

    1. I probably should just break down and see Top Gun! I'll I'll add it to my bucket list! Ha!


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