Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kids These Days...

This month marks the 18th year of my high school graduation!  Wow!  I feel old!  The other day Kendall and I were talking about how much life has changed since I was her age.  She lovingly refers to my teenage years as the "olden days."  Bless her heart.

I thought I had it good as a teenager, but with the help of Kendall, I have come up with a few ways kids these days have it a little easier...

When I was a teenager "couples" wrote love letters to each other.  Kids these days send snapchats.

When I was a teenager we wore Doc Martens.  Kids these days wear Jandals and Uggs.

When I was a teenager we took pictures with Kodak Funsaver cameras and wouldn't know how they turned out until they were developed at Eckerd's one hour photo.   Kids these days take selfies. Lots of selfies.

When I was a teenager we had textbooks for every subject.  Kids these days are issued tablets, with the textbooks downloaded to them.

When I was a teenager if we wanted to see a movie we had to go to the local video store, and check out a VHS Tape and then go home and play it on our VCR.  Kids these days, just catch it on Netflix.

When I was a teenager if I was having a bad hair day, I pulled my hair up in a scrunchie.  Kids these days rock a sock bun on bad hair days.

When I was a teenager I actually had to wonder if So & So and Whats His Name had broken up or not.  Kids these days just check to see if So & So has deleted all of Whats His Names pictures from Instagram.

When I was a teenager if I really needed to know something, I researched it in a library using microfiche or an encyclopedia.  Kids these days google it...on their phone.

When I was a teenager if I needed to know how to get somewhere I used a map.  Kids these days use a GPS...on their phone.

When I was a teenager if something really good (or bad) happened over the weekend I had to wait until Monday morning to hear about it at school.  Kids these days tweet.

When I was a teenager if I wanted to hear a certain song I had to record it off of the radio onto a tape.  Kids these days download it on iTunes.

When I was a teenager and taking a Spanish class I actually had to learn Spanish to complete my homework.  Kids these days, just click the "translate" button on their computer.

When I was a teenager I signed letters to my friends LYLAS (Love you like a sister).  Kids these days refer to their friends as their BAE (Before Anyone Else).

When I was a teenager we did the Macarena.  Kids these days Whip.

When I was a teenager if I wasn't doing well in one of my classes my parents wouldn't know for six weeks.  Kids these days have to worry about their parents logging on to the parent portal at school and finding out all their dirt.

When I was a teenager if I wanted to learn the lyrics to my favorite song I had to buy the tape and then look inside the cover of the tape.  Kids these days just google it...from their phone.

When I was a teenager if I wanted to listen to music on a long car ride I better make sure I had fresh batteries for my WalkMan.  Kids these days just watch the DVD's in the back of their parents seats.

When I was a teenager I actually had to wonder what we were going to have for dinner that night.  Kids these days (or maybe it's just my kid) send text messages early that morning to see what's for dinner.

When I was a teenager we wore WWJD bracelets.  Kids these days wear Kendra Scott.

When I was a teenager if I wanted to get a tan for summer or prom I had to spend time in a tanning bed (oh, how I wish I had not).  Kids these days can spend ten minutes and get a spray tan.

What are some ways your kids have it easier than you?

Have a terrific Thursday!


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  1. Wow! I was a teenager when you were and I remember many of these things well. I sometimes think it would have been cool to have social media and texting as a teen, but I think I might not have survived the cyber bullying that comes with all of that!

    1. I am so thankful that wasn't around when I was a kid. I can't imagine dealing with all of that, too. I am thankful my daughter doesn't get caught up in the drama that happens on social media.

  2. How seriously true is every.single.bit.of.this!!! You hit the nail on each one of these. Some days I really wish my girls could spend a week in my life growing up to see how it was. They really have no idea how easy they have things these days! ha! =) Have a great day!!!

    1. Exactly! I laugh every time we go on a trip and our car is loaded with phones, DVD's, laptops, tablets, etc. When I went on vacation, I looked out the window.

  3. 10 years since high school for this girl! I actually think Saturday is 10 years exactly. I remember doing most of those things, it's crazy how technology has changed. Speaking of technology our Walmart now has the grocery shopping thing!

    1. That's funny you said that. Kendall wanted me to add, "When I was a teenager my mom grocery shopped at the store. Kids these days go with their moms to pick up groceries from WalMart." She thinks she is soooo funny....

  4. Class of 1998? It's 18 years for me too. When did we get so old??? Haha. It's crazy how much has changed since we were kids. Awesome post!

  5. Oh my goodness, YES!!! I was laughing and shaking my head to so many of these. People in their 20's just don't understand this stuff.

  6. These were so fun to read and I also got to learn a little also. I'm out of the hip lingo. My favorite is having to wait until Monday to learn the dirt. I also loved that we had to buy the cd and look in the cover for the lyrics. That was so much fun getting to buy a new cd. I'm kinda glad I was born when I was. It was a great time!

  7. So many things here I remember so well. The WWJD bracelets - I remember having a ton of colors to wear with outfits. This was so much fun to read.


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