Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Two Things You Should Never Blog About: Politics & Religion

Blogging about politics isn't my norm, but it's been on my mind lately, so I thought I would give it a whirl.  If politics aren't your thing and you stopped by looking for something funny, check out a previous post, Top Ten Crazy Emilyisms.

Ok, cue the patriotic background music...

Are you more interested in who won the heart of last night's Bachelor, than who is going to win the Presidential election?  I love the United States of America and am proud to live here, but the older I get the more broken I view our country.  As a child, I didn't "see" political parties, I just saw people running for office, to serve our country.  As an adult, I see animosity among the candidates that makes it hard for the average American to develop a level of admiration for our leaders.  I want my children to grow up with respect for authority, even if their views are different than ours.  I am thankful to live in a country where we choose our elected officials.  I think it is important to research the candidates and make informed decisions.   

Living in the Bible Belt, people often align their political views with their religious views, but I think overall as voters, we need to choose a candidate with the morals and values that will continue to make America great.  With the recent passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan, I did a little research on the Reagan presidency.  Did you know that in 1980 voters had to decide between a Hollywood actor (Reagan) or a Sunday School teacher from the South (Carter).  Obviously, America elected Reagan, and he lead our country to increased patriotism, boosted the economy and even brought prayer back into schools.  

Without making this a controversial post, I urge you to pray for the leaders of our country.  I pray that the voters make wise decisions and that Americans respect whatever decisions are made; even if America's views don't line up with your personal views.  The Bible is full of leaders...King Solomon, King David and King Nebuchadnezzar...just to name a few, that were far from perfect, but God used them to His glory.  

Another Reagan fact to close on:  A couple of President's had used the phrase "God bless America" or a similar plead for God's wisdom in addresses before Reagan; however, Reagan made it the political slogan that it is today.  He used the phrase to close his nomination speech when he won at the Republican convention in 1980, and then once elected President, it became his standard closing.  A trend which has been carried on by all President's since.  I think Reagan was on to something, just like David was when he wrote Psalm 33:12.  

God Bless America!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Amanda!! It looks like we both had politics on our minds today! ;)

  2. Yes, yes and yes! I agree 100% and will be joining you in those prayers.

  3. So well said, I am right there with you!

  4. Great post!! Well said....I just don't know...I am so worried!!

  5. Reagan has been my favorite president thus far. The politics of today scare me. We definitely need to be praying for our nation.

  6. I'm not a fan of any of these candidates.


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