Monday, August 22, 2016

Meet & Greet Monday

It's time for another edition of Meet & Greet Monday!  I have loved featuring some of my favorite bloggers the past few weeks.  Today, the spotlight is on my friend, Johannah!  We met through a Mother's Day Gift Exchange this past spring, and I have been following her everyday since.  Johannah hails form the great state of Maine, and makes me envious of her pictures of delicious lobster rolls and beautiful ocean views.  Let's get started, meet my friend, Johannah!

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start blogging?

I have been blogging now for 6 years!  6 years!  The first couple of years I wasn't all that active in blogging, but in the last couple of years is when I started posting more and more.  You can find my very first post HERE =)  Make sure you grab some popcorn because it's an exhilarating post!  LOL I started reading a few blogs here and there and I thought, Hey! I can do this too!  Some of my most favorite bloggers no longer blog, and that's what really got me into this.  I miss reading a lot of their daily posts.  But I totally get that life gets in the way and takes priority =)

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

Well you see, I'm very original.  I racked and racked my brain and I came up with this super original blog name, The Sirois Family. Haha =)  I really did try to think of a better name for my blog, but this is the best I could do ;) 

Of all your posts, which one was your favorite to write and why?

I can't say that I have a favorite post.  I think that all of our vacation posts are my favorite, and those are the ones that I can see myself going back and reading over and over again as the years pass.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

I say this every single day.  Treat people the way you want to be treated.  I work as a 911 Dispatcher, and people yell at me all day everyday on the phone.  There are so many times I have wanted to yell back at them, but I always revert back to that saying of treat people the way you want to be treated.  And chances are, if I am nice to them, they turn their attitudes around.

Let's pretend a big TV executive called you up and wanted to feature you on a popular talk show each week.  Who's talk show would you want to appear on and what would your segments be about?

I know that Ellen is just dying to have me on her show!  I'm not sure what we would talk about, but maybe she could you know send me on some fabulous vacation or buy me a new car or something fun like that ;) 

You need an outfit and you only have an hour to find it.  What store is your go to?

Maurices.  Or Old Navy.  But I prefer Maurices and if they ever close I just know I will cry.

Friends are coming over for dinner tomorrow night.  Whats your go to entertaining meal?

I would make the Pioneer Womans Penne a la Betsy.  It's seriously amazing.  I would serve a salad and garlic bread to go with it.  And wine of course.  Anyone interested in coming to dinner tomorrow?!?  

You're cleaning your house on a Saturday afternoon.  What's your go to CD or Pandora station?

Anything country!  Mostly modern country from today.  A little Florida Georgia Line, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert.  I'm not picky.

You're planning a date night (or girls night out).  What your go to restaurant for a fun time?

I have two places.  Margaritas which is the best Mexican food around here, and The Sea Dog, which is a local restaurant here that serves the best chicken Nachos ever.  And the drinks at both places are great!

You need some encouragement.  Who's your go to person for a little pick me up?

My husband Brian is the person who knows how to bring me up from all the lows in life. He is always there to listen to me.  He's not only my husband, but my best friend as well.

Thank you so much, Johannah, for letting me give you the third degree!  If you're a fellow blogger, Johannah has two linkups that you can participate in.  The third Wednesday of the month, Johannah and Heather host a recipe linkup, that is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  

Johannah also hosts, Hello Monday guessed it...Monday.  Which means I am linking up with her today!  

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I hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Yay! I love Johannah and her blog. A great spotlight choice for this week!

  2. Replies
    1. Have you checked out her Recipe Club? There's some great ideas there!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Heather!! I found your blog through Johannah!! :)

  4. I'm a newbie to Johannah's blog and I love it!

    1. She's great, isn't she? I just love her Recipe Club!!

  5. So happy to meet Johannah! I have read her blog for quite a while. How awesome she does 911 - I would be yelling back so I totally love her advice. Very classic. xo

    1. I know, right? I can't imagine what all she hears on a daily basis!

  6. Thank you for featuring me today! It was fun to answer all your questions and I have so enjoyed reading all the ones you have done! Have a great day friend!!

  7. You keep introducing bloggers I am not following. I love this series friend!

    1. Thank you! I think you may have heard of the blogger I'm featuring next week! ;)

  8. How have I missed this series?! So fun. I love reading Johannah's blog and following her on IG...she has the sweetest family!

    1. I'm glad you found it! Johannah's blog is fun to follow. Her daughter, Alyx, reminds me so much of my Jentry!

  9. Thanks for sharing this...I LOVE reading about other bloggers - it makes me feel so connected:)


    1. I agree! I love the "getting to know you" type posts, too!


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