Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Jess' 5th Birthday!

Another day, another birthday!  Yes, it was just Jentry's birthday yesterday, BUT today is Jess' 5th birthday.  They are almost exactly two years apart and the best of friends (most of the time).

Yesterday, for Jentry's birthday I gave you a list of ten things I always want to remember about her.  Well, if you know Jess, he has an art for conversation.  In fact, if you've spent a little time with him, chances are you have your own story of something witty he said.  Today I am recapping ten memorable things he has said that made me smile.  

Jess' memorable quote from the first (and possibly last time) he was asked to be a ring bearer; about halfway through the wedding he sits down beside me & says, "I can't be in this wedding anymore. I have to poop!"

Jess:  Jentry, you look beautiful.  You look like a puffer fish.
Jentry:  Awww, thanks, Jesse!

Jess: When I grow up I'm going to go around the world and tell people what life was like when I was a kid.
Me: What are you going to tell them?
Jess: Mom, you KNOW what I've been through! 

Me while cuddling with Jess: You know I prayed that God would give me a little boy JUST like you!
Jess: Aww, thank you Mommy!
30 seconds later...
Jess: So, did you not like Kendall very much?

Me: Where should we go for vacation next year?
Kendall: Hawaii!!!
Jess: We can't go to Hawaii, Kendall, we don't know Spanish!

Me: Jess did you hear all that thunder last night?
Jess: No, I turn my ears off when I sleep.

Jess:  Mom, can you fix my walkie talkie?
Me:  I don't know how, Jess.  You'll have to wait until Dad gets home.
Jess:  Can you just ask Siri?

Me: Jess, do you want to wear this to Wee School today (holding up an outfit)?
Jess: I guess so, but my friends have already seen me in that!

Jess:  When I grow up I'm not going to work.
Me:  Oh, are you going to stay home with your kids?
Jess:  No!  I'm going to go to he gym and play golf!

Jess:  Mommy, did Daddy have a beard when he was a little boy like me?  

Just for fun, I asked Jess yesterday what are a few things he wants to learn to do this year, and here's what he said:

I want to learn to read books and people's shirts.
I want to learn to play golf and soccer.
I want to learn to put my own socks on.
I want to learn to put my straw in my own juice box.

It turns out my growing boy still needs me around for a few socks and straws!  Happy 5th birthday to my smart and witty boy!  I can't wait to see what this year holds for you.  (And, I just pray your kindergarten teacher has a sense of humor). 


  1. Lol these were so funny. He is such a hoot. I love that he said he wants to learn to read peoples shirts. I never thought how weird that must be at that age. Now I wonder Emily's thoughts on that. I don't know Spanish so I guess I can't go to Hawaii either :P. Happy Birthday Jess!

    1. It cracked me up when he said learn to read people's shirts, too! Now, I've gotta worry about some of the inappropriate shirts he'll see when we're in public!!

  2. Oh my goodness his come backs are GREAT!! I would crack up laughing all the time!!
    Happy Birthday Jess!!

  3. Oh my gosh what a little character!! I love that he wants to learn to read peoples shirts..hahaha. And maybe you will have to start him one of your spreadsheets to keep up with his outfits. :)

    1. I know!! Kendall never really had strong opinions on what she wore, but he always knows exactly what he wants to wear!!

  4. These are sooo cute. Happy Birthday and I hope he gets all his wishes!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up over #3! Kids are such a hoot!

    1. He says what's in his mind, that's for sure! It makes me a little nervous!! :)

  6. Bahahahaha he is hilarious!!! Happy birthday Jess!

  7. Love!! What a fun Week ya'll have! So much fun!! Happy Birthday Jess and Jentry!!

  8. Ok, if he never said another funny thing ever in his life - he'd still win with the ring bearer story!! Oh the things you can do with that when he gets married! And I'm cracking up about the shirts... I never thought of that! HAHA!


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