Sunday, October 2, 2016

Meet & Greet Monday

In the words of the Mama's & The Papa's, "Monday, Monday, so good to me. Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be!"  They must have been reading my blog, y'all, because they knew every Monday morning I spotlight a fabulous blogger, that if you aren't already reading, you should be!

Today, I am featuring my friend, Heather from My Glittery Heart.  She is a beautiful, creative wife, and mom.  I look forward to her recipes, her hospitality tips, and cute craft creations every week.  She is so down to earth...I just know you are going to love her!  Meet my friend, Heather:

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging January of this year, but had first thought about starting a blog January 2015..not sure what took me so long:) 
I use to scrapbook all the time, but as the kids got order and more involved in school and sports I just didn't have as much time, so I started blogging to have an online scrapbook:)

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

Well it took me a few months and the original name of my blog was "Oh My Glitter Designs" just like my Etsy shop (which is currently on vacation mode....maybe I will reopen) BUT My Blog was something different and I thought it needed its own with the help of a few friends I renamed it "My Glittery Heart" because my blog combines 2 of my FAVORITE things-Glitter and My Family-which have my whole heart!! 

Of all your posts, which one was your favorite to write and why?

Oh this is a tough question.....I guess I would have to say my Hello Monday posts (I know that is more than one), but we generally have some pretty awesome weekends and I love getting those recaps posted. They are so fun to look back on! 

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

I would have to say from a nurse as I was leaving the hospital with Ian. She looked at me and said "Remember he came into your life, not the other way around. If you go eat mexican every Thursday take him with you" I can see how some people make take this as negative, but I didn't! Ian joined Ben and I and we made him fit into our lives...we made quit a few adjustments  but we didn't not do things because we were now parents! And let me tell you...Ian was and is the easiest, go with the flow kid..... 
That just kind of stuck with me as a new mom leaving the hospital to care for a human being that I knew nothing about!! :)

Let’s pretend a big TV executive called you up and wanted to feature you on a popular talk show each week.  Who’s talk show would you want to appear on and what would your segments be about? 

The Chew....I love to cook and try new recipes, plus sometimes Clinton Kelly does a few DIY projects and I love DIY projects!! Maybe I would teach them how to glitter a wineglass or coffee mug! 

What are your go to’s?  In other words, I’m going to give you a scenario when you might find yourself in a time crunch…tell me the first thing that pops in your head.

You need an outfit and you only have an hour to find it.  What store is your go to?'s the closet to my house! 

Friends are coming over for dinner tomorrow night.  What’s your go to entertaining meal? 

Spring/Summer Time- Bacon Chedder burgers from a local General Store, Fall/Winter-Chili or Taco Soup

You're cleaning house on a Saturday afternoon.  What’s your go to CD or Pandora station? 

I heart Radio....any Country Station.

You need to stare mindlessly at the TV to unwind.  What’s your go to TV show? 

The Bachelor or Bachelorette... I have always referred to it as "Mindless Monday" TV!! But yet I still watch every season! 

You’re planning a date night (or girl’s night out).  What’s your go to restaurant for a fun time? 

Girls night Out...El Real...It's our local Mexican restaurant...they have fantastic homemade guacamole dip and margaritas. Date Night- we generally like to go somewhere a little fancy and try different restaurants in the downtown Atlanta/Buckhead Area! 

You need some encouragement.  Who’s your go to person for a little pick me up? 

Ben...he just gets me!! (well sometimes) 

Thank you so much Heather!  I just love catching up with you everyday!  Please stop by Heather's blog at My Glittery Heart and say hi!  

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  1. I love The Mama's & The Papa's and these posts where you are always highlighting bloggers I have never even heard of. SO much fun. Keep them coming.

  2. Loved this post! Heather is one of my favorites!! :)

  3. Love love love Heather! And I also love your meet and greets!

  4. What a sweetie Heather is!! And another country music lovin girl, love it!

  5. Thank you Emily!! I had so much fun answering your questions.

  6. Oh hey, Heather! XO

    I love these posts, Emily!

  7. Another great choice for your meet and greet! Loved getting to know more about Heather. :)

  8. Heather's blog is one of the first ones I read in the morning! Sweet, sweet girl!

  9. This is a new to me blog! I can’t wait to check it out and get to know Heather a little better. Thank you for sharing about her! I love the questions you ask the bloggers you highlight. So fun! I love that her favorite summer meal comes from a local general store. General stores have my heart. Especially old ones in a small town.

  10. Also, I can't find a link to her blog in this post. Did I miss it?


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